Allan Trends: TA in Action

Allan Trends: TA in Action

Allan’s Trend Following Model is based on Allan’s trend-following trading system for buying and selling stocks and ETFs. His weekend updates are packed with charts for determining trends and signals in various timeframes. The signals are largely objective; most trades last for weeks to months.

A nightly recap goes out via email after every market close. In addition, intraday alerts are sent out whenever an intraday position reverses, or is about to reverse. A weekly summary, market discussion and  Trade of the Week are sent out on the weekend, updating all positions and price reversal levels.

Allan Trends covers about 30 stocks, indexes and ETF’s in multiple time frames, including Hourly Models in SPX and QQQQ for shorter-term analysis. Subscriptions to AllanTrends standard service are $100 per month. Click here for a risk free trial to Allan’s standard service  (or here for his premium service.) The standard service is included in the premium service for more active traders.

Premium Service

Note from Allan: One way to achieve diversification with a more personalized and hands-on trading regimen is to take advantage of the expanded coverage in the Premium Trading Service. The service also provides additional commentary, expanded coverage of Hourly and 240 minute trading models not covered in the regular service and includes updated trading charts in real time throughout each market session. Those who have been with me since the start in 2004 know that I am not a hard sell kind of guy and that I do have some altruistic motives (as well as monetary) in providing this service. If you want better returns from your trading or sometimes need that extra push of confidence to make a trade, try the expanded service, if even for just one month. In the three months I have been offering the Premium Service, only one Premium subscriber has cancelled. That is about the best testament I can provide.

To check out a risk-free trial click here for Allan’s standard service, and here for his premium (trading) serviceThe standard service is included with his premium service.


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