About Market Shadows Newsletter

The goal of the newly created Market Shadows newsletter is to provide a focused view of the current events that influence the financial markets; to summarize market-moving economic and financial data; and to introduce notable writers and chartists who offer thoughtful insights into investing and trading. We include ideas from our contributors for preparing our virtual portfolios for the future, and we keep track of these trade ideas so readers can easily follow along.

For articles on the financial markets, the economy, stocks, and politics, visit our Market Shadows blog.

Read the latest: MarketShadows July 1 2012

Past issues:

MarketShadows July 1 2012 (issue 6)

MarketShadows June 24 2012 (issue 5)

MarketShadows June 17 2012 (issue 4)

MarketShadows June 12 2012 (issue 3)

MarketShadows June 2 2012 (issue 2)

Intro: We are designing the new Market Shadows newsletter to provide:

We are just beginning this publication and greatly appreciate your feedback – e.g., in the comment section below, or email me at ileneca (at) gmail (dot) com).


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